Because ‘Coronasomnia’ is real.

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Did you know that the word “insomnia” was Googled more in 2020 than it ever had been before?

That’s because insomnia rates are rising since Covid-19 came into the picture. In fact, there is even a term for this, known as “Coronasomnia”.

Sleep is paramount to good health. It’s a crucial contributor to maintaining a healthy immune system — and even in reducing Covid-19 risk.

But many factors can negatively affect sleep. Including higher screen time.

With many of us working from home, and person-to-person meetings moving online, we’re spending fewer hours moving and more in front of our laptops…

Five questions to ask yourself when entering a new relationship

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“I feel like I’ve known him/her forever!”

If a friend said this about someone they’ve just met and are crazy about, would you encourage them to pursue things further?

In the past, I would have.

To the untrained ear, this statement sounds like fate. Love at first sight — isn’t that romantic?

Perhaps, like me, you’ll have learned the hard way that the reality can be pretty different — if things move too fast, it’s not a good indication that they will last.

When you get burned time and time again, you begin to realize that this feeling of familiarity…

Read these reminders before you rush to the rescue again.

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Do you identify as a fixer in your relationships?

I’ve been there.

As a recovering fixer, I’ve run the gamut of unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships.

Even at their worst, I tried my hardest to fix things. I couldn’t let go, seeing it as “weak”.

I used to think that it was a noble thing — putting someone else’s needs before my own. I focused on cultivating my partner’s potential, and proactively solving problems in the couple ahead of my own.

So when these relationships eventually ended, l felt confused and resentful, mainly at myself. …

A poem.

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It takes craft
to go through the rubble
and pick up the pieces
to rebuild a home.

It takes work
and grit
to see failures
as supreme lessons.

Let patience and trust
be your dearest companions.

When the tears have stopped falling
and your heart has died a thousand times
you’ll hear the hum of your own soul
with the clarity of a marching band.

I promise you -
that’s where the magic happens.

Stop alienating your email marketing audience during a global pandemic.

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Today I received an email with the subject line: “6 Things The Most Productive People Do Every Day”.

Ugh. Really? The nerve!

I recoiled.

I won’t name names. Let’s call the culprit “a best-selling author who is promoting his next book launch”, given that it’s not important. This piece is calling out all those email marketers who fit into the self-promotion category.

This subject line shows a lack of tact and emotional intelligence

Now, I understand that this man is a productivity expert.

But I found the title of this email incredibly alienating — both as a digital marketing expert and as a reader.

It’s wildly out of touch with the…

Should you take it personally or not? A survey on social media etiquette and virtual friendships.

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These days, it’s pretty easy to find out if someone unfollows you on Instagram.

What happens if the person unfollowing you is a friend?

How would you feel? Would you mind, or would you not care?

I didn’t ask myself these questions until it happened to me.

I was unfollowed and I didn’t like it

I don’t mind if a stranger unfollows me on Instagram.

Many of them follow me just to get a follow back, and they unfollow me if I don’t. I never take it personally because it’s a marketing tactic (albeit a spammy one). …

A poem in English and Italian.

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The bird is eating,
the green yard is flourishing.
How fast does Spring move?

The soil is waiting
to be replenished by April rain.
How fast does life move?

The tree is eternal,
even with its limbs sawed off.
How far does the apple fall?

Life begins,
then it bears fruit,
then it matures
and then
it dies.


L’uccello sta mangiando,
il cortile verde sta fiorendo.
Quanto scorre in fretta la primavera?

Il suolo sta aspettando
di essere alimentato
dalla pioggia di Aprile.
Quanto scorre velocemente la vita?

L’albero è eterno,
anche con le sue membra segate.
Quanto lontano cade la mela?

La vita inizia
poi dà frutti,
poi matura
e poi

A poem in English and Italian.

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All the Little Reasons

Funny how
we allow
such small things
to cast
such huge shadows
on our goals and dreams.

Will we really look back one day
and remember
all the little reasons why
we dimmed the lights
on our own potential?
Or will all these reasons
be irrelevant
when we find ourselves
wishing our way out of the dark?

The good news is:
it’s never too late
to step out into the light.

Tutte Le Piccole Ragioni

È buffo come
a cose così piccole
di gettare
ombre così enormi
sui nostri obiettivi e sogni.

Un giorno guarderemo davvero indietro, ricordando tutte le piccole ragioni per…

A poem.

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

Funny how I said
you’d prefer the hologram
to flesh and bones
and you disagreed,
but in the end
I was right.

Unlatched, you buzzed to a new hive –
a shinier screen,
an exciting reel that isn’t real
but oh, you feel Special again.

See, you don’t want to be known,
you just want to be seen,
and all this time
you never saw me.
So I don’t know you,
because you don’t know you.

Baby, you look good.
You smell nice.
You know your bridges and the cars you’d drive,
but it ain’t the same as tracing your history.
I hope you find what you’re looking for,
even if you’re always looking
in the wrong place.

Elizabeth Marchetti

Aspiring polymath | Growth, healing & consciousness | Poetry | Sign up to my newsletter: | Portfolio:

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